Comments on Swamidass and Behe at Texas A&M

Continuing the discussion from Behe and Swamidass: Texas A&M on Feb 20, 2020:

Looking forward to it and I’m thankful to Texas A&M for organizing.


@NLents and @art, it’s on the books.

If the stars align, the UK-TAMU game will be that week. That would make a trip to College Station enticing :grinning:.

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That would be fun to see you there :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s happening! What’s the context, event, and venue?

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It is a Veritas Forum in the heart ID country, Texas. It should be a large crowd. At Texas A&M.

You know that T-urf13 is found in maize lines carrying the so-called cms-T cytoplasm? And that the “T” stands for Texas?

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