Creation Truth Conference: What Should Creationists Think About The Genealogical Adam and Eve?

Friday Oct. 8 Debate with Q & A

7 pm – “What Should We Think About The Genealogical Adam and Eve?”

Author: Dr. Joshua Swamidass, Assoc Professor at Washington University
Response: Dr. Marcus Ross, Center for Creation Studies at Liberty University
Moderator: Dr. Richard Averbeck, OT Professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Dr. Marcus Ross holds a BS in Earth Science from the Penn State University and an MS in Vertebrate Paleontology from South Dakota School of Mines. His PhD in Environmental Science (Geoscience) is from the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Ross is the former Director of the Center for Creation Studies and Professor of Geology at Liberty University. He is the owner of Cornerstone Educational Supply.

Creation Truth Conf Summary 2021.pdf (663.8 KB)


Do you know what Ross is going to say, or what position he’s going to defend?

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He is a young earth creationist. Remember his article in Sapientia about the book?

Sure, but is he going to use the opportunity to attack GAE as not YEC? Or will he have some other angle?

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I don’t know what his angle is, but I go first. So I get to set the terms of the debate.


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