Marcus Ross and Swamidass Debate

We now have the video from this debate:

What are your thoughts?


I thought you were going to produce transcripts of these things.

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On request! So yes, I can do that for this one :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, what would you consider the most important points made by either of you?

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I think the most important point is the intro…

I’ve never heard a YEC of his stature say anything like this about a Christian that affirms evolution before. It is a really big deal, and essentially, from the perspective of my goals at a YeC conference, accomplishes everything I could hope to accomplish in the debate itself.

It may not be as clear to people outside this religious world to understand what he means here, but this is really significant.

I wonder if @Jordan , @dga471 , or @deuteroKJ can explain what a “high view” means in this context, and why YECs typically wouldn’t say it in this context, and what this could mean.

“high view” is shorthand for either inerrancy or, at least, infallible (but infallible itself has four distinct definitions!). One with a “high view” accepts that the Bible provides divinely-revealed truth claims not necessarily accessible through other means.

Marcus (along with Todd Wood and Paul Garner) represent the best of YECs–intellectual honesty, charity and acceptance of other Christians (as Christians), and a true love of science. When Todd was doing his open discussions with Darrell Falk (resulting in The Fool and the Heretic), he commented how much it affected him to pray and talk with a man with whom he disagreed with scientifically, but could not deny the man’s faith and sincerity.

Many YECs (and others) fall into the trap of confusing the veracity of Scripture with the veracity of their interpretations. Some things are just “so clear & obvious” (to them) that they can’t imagine an honest reader coming to a different conclusion.


I haven’t watched the video yet, but I would take your word and also affirm that of you also. I just don’t think it’s possible to consistently read the Bible the way you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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