Denisovan introgression has shaped the immune system of present-day Papuans

I read new papers like this and just laugh at Jeanson and other YECs


Why? I think it’s interesting and helpful.

So what do you make of it? Jeanson is on the record that Neanderthal DNA is too divergent to fit into his model and so he regards it as unreliable. Denisovan DNA only deepens the incompatibility.

There is no reason to doubt the reliability of prior studies, whatever the damage to Jeanson’s Traced narrative, but a recent paper serves to reinforce previous work further.

Genetic insights into the social organization of Neanderthals

…we present genetic data for 13 Neanderthals from two Middle Palaeolithic sites in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia: 11 from Chagyrskaya Cave and 2 from Okladnikov Cave—making this one of the largest genetic studies of a Neanderthal population to date. We used hybridization capture to obtain genome-wide nuclear data, as well as mitochondrial and Y-chromosome sequences.

First known Neanderthal family discovered in Siberian cave


The paper represents real scientific research results. It shows how much of a scam artist and liar Jeanson and YECism are.

I’m not sure that that paper adds a whole lot new to the conversation - they couldn’t independently add y-chromosome sequences to the tree. I did notice when I read it/about it a while back that one of the authors was Laurits Skov, who has been a subject of conversation here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it shows that non-coding DNA/regulatory elements are important, and Denisovans are ancestors to Papuans (that was probably already known.) I don’t think there’s anything new that somehow makes a YEC case less likely.

We need more papers like this. (I just did a quick search to check.) But if modern y chromosome is difficult to sequence, it’s probably almost impossible in ancient DNA.

23andMe sequences Y chromosome haplogroup markers on a mass consumer basis, so that cannot be too difficult. Ancient DNA is difficult; very difficult indeed. But it has been done successfully. In this regard, Svante Pääbo’s Noble Prize acceptance speech is worth listening to, the actual talk beginning at 13:40.

The difficulty for YEC following a flood model is that Denisovans are even further removed from modern human haplogroups than Neanderthals. There is no evidence of any catastrophic disruption to the continuity of life for the last several million years, other than the ebb and flow of ice ages; but if Jeanson has demonstrated anything authentic, it is that there have been human populations, regarded as post-flood by YEC, which cannot have descended from Noah.

Figures “c” for mtDNA and “d” for Y chromosome phylogeny
Note the earlier branching for Neanderthals and Denisovans.

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