Dinosaur Era Bird in Amber



@Herman_Mays Can you please comment on the 99 million year old bird found trapped in amber? Thanks.

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It seems clear that the one thing the amber-trapped bird does not prove is Biblical Creationism!


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this should be welcome to thinking creationists. First the bird is a real bird and not some almpst evolved bird.
Then for me is the cool point its well preserved and shows it flew but also had teeth in its beak.
This supports my hypothesis that many so called dinosaurs, possibly including t-rex, were just giant flightless birds.
Not dinos or reptiles.
this toothy bird easily could have cousins, in a spectrum, who were flightless. Then big and then used thier teeth to kill creatures.
Therefore its only a classification error.
All dinos can be squeezed into KINDS that existed then ot still do.
its not that birds come from dinos, like this one in amber, but that the dinos were BIRDS. after all.
just a lack of imagination didn’t draw this together or biblical boundaries that seem to reject these artifical divisions like dinos, mammals, reptiles. God created KINDS.

A giant flightless bird is a dinosaur.


i’m saying theb opposite.
These type of creatures are not dinosaurs/reptiles but only giant flightless birds.
it was a old error of classification I think.
there are no dinosaurs .Its a whoops.


Half way to crazy town…

How would you even prove that?