Do Creationists Recommend the COVID Vaccines?

Help me out here. What have creation scientists said about the vaccine in particular, and vaccines in general. I’m not looking for an analysis here, but some help finding information. Here are some examples:

From @AJRoberts formerly of RTB: A Measles-Free Future

From Rob Carter of CMI: RNA Vaccines and COVID-19 -

Well, there was that Fuz Rana article being discussed on the other thread:
Fuz Rana article on Reasons to Believe:

And not from a creation scientist, per se, but the World News Group tends to promote YEC and ID science materials and interviewed a doctor on their podcast who had a helpful explanation of the mRNA vaccines:

My only objection to that interview was their failure to clearly explain that the fetal cell line used in the AstraZeneca adenoviral vector vaccine has been propagated in the lab for decades.

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@pdprice this article is quite good:


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