Does Double Slit Show Light Beyond Time?

I agree with this but what about the double slit experiment where light appears to operate independent of time. I have not thought this through at all but just throwing it out there.

Double slit refraction can be demonstrated in classical systems. This is another classic case where science is non intuitive.

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Are you referring to wheelers thought experiment regarding “delayed choice”?
It is definitely weird. Light is not independent of time in this, it just seems to change the past according to the present experimental setup…
I have no idea what it means.

They point in making is that light does not communicate faster than light in the double slit experment.

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What is weird is measurement after it goes through the slit changes its state from wave to particle. It is as if it is not operating in the time dimension.

I agree Wheelers version where he creates entangled pairs and the determinism of one of the pairs results in the state of the other pair even though the determined route is after the entangled pair changes state.

This is the argument I would try to develop if I were pushing the YEC position as I agree with Ashwin that starlight from billions of light years away is the hardest thing to explain.

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See video:

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Regardless of the double-slit experiment, in the context of the original post, the more relevant question is whether the speed of light is constant. And the answer is that as far as we know, it is. (Link to a good overview.) There are experiments measuring and tracking this at this very moment.


Genesis says God created light as a first act. then divided light from the darkness in order to create time differences. on day one.
If true what does it mean? Einstein said, awhen old, he did not know what light is.
if light is everywhere and just bunched together(from the nonlight/darkness) then there is no speed of light. Genesis says stars were created on week one and our sun etc. all could be seen by Adam and friends.

I have watched about the slit thing on youtube science shows.
Is it possible its not mysterious and all that jazz but showing a error.
light is not a particle or wave. its just there. tHe thing moving through light just can be either of those upon some miner tweeking of where it lands.
Fun speculation.


If you can firmulate this brand of ideas… surely Creation where God evolves a pre-Adam population … followed by a special creation of Adam/Eve is well within your imagination.

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