Embracing and Resisting Scientific Findings

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For the record, I totally agree. Any one unwilling to play by these rules is going to have real challenges in science. These rules are inherited, and they are not up for debate. Especially if you are a student in science, play by The Rules of the Game, or you may face real reppuercussions.

We do need to come to terms with the real and established findings of science, in carefully thoughtful ways. This may or may not mean outright acceptance of findings, but it will require the confidence to let science speak on its own terms, without our interferance.

Though, I also hope we are unsettled at times too, and are unwilling to give ground on the most important things.

Remember the Tuskegee Syphilis Study? In that study, several babies were born with severe birth defects, all of which were preventable. Scientific curiousity rules the day, granting us a stained legacy that haunts us to this day.

Science has no intrinsic moral guardrails, except those we bring with us into it from outside. Science gives us power, whether or not we are ready to use it wisely. it is not uncommon to encounter real and legitimate scientific findings that should and will provoke tension, distress, and discomfort to our conscience. I hope, faced with that unsettling, we remember there are things greater than science.

I remember MLK, hoping for our moral progress to equal out scientific progress.

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Science has no moral guardrails,but scientists do. Let reason prevail to determine those guardrails.

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Actually the guard rails are enforced through checks and balances on the part of the Government. All Nations need such regulatory frameworks because Science, like any human endeavor can and will be misused.
Of course if the nation itself chooses to misuse science… then we a re all in big trouble!