Eric Hovind's "Night at the Creation Museum" & Gutsick Gibbon's Response

As Larry the Cable Guy says, “Now that’s funny. I don’t care who ya are.” Ya gotta see the new film by Eric Hovind, Tim Chaffey, and Dr. Danny Faulkner. (And Ken Ham allowed them to use the Creation Museum for filming.)

And here is Gutsick Gibbon’s review:

The Hovind film received a rating of NDBNK/PG13 (No Drinking Beverages Near Keyboards) from the Motion Picture Association.


that is pretty good. There is thousands of those tiny facts very much like what they showed on the video. Its unfortunate that people will accept plato as authentic without a second thought but even with evidence they will be angry and caustic toward Jews and Christians living because of the history that happened to them in the real world.

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