Physics YouTube channels like Creation Myths

Hey all. One of the staples of my YouTube viewing these days is Creation Myths and Gutsick Gibbon
I was wondering if people know of channels like this devoted to physics and astronomy? I tend to listen to Sabine Hossenfelder, but would love stuff interacting with intelligent design and creationist stuff as a theme

I’m not familiar with any physics or astronomy channel I can recommend for you—but I would just mention that I often follow my dose of Gutsick Gibbon with the equally informative and fun @Joel_Duff.

I am always amazed that busy academics like Gibbon and Duff can maintain such a steady rate of quality productions.


Thanks Allen, I haven’t really watched much of Duff. I will add him to my list. I have been watching some PZ Meyers recently
@Rumraket - great channel. I watched some of their stuff a long time back and had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder

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