Everyone is on Edge

Really? Great to see him back? Yeah, he’s very intelligient and knowledgeable but he’s one of the biggest jerks on this forum.

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Also, I just love how no one is discussing what I actually wanted to discuss. People here just can’t resist taking shots.

Wait – this is now a forum for bashing other parties in this broad conversation?


Of course not @glipsnort . @theman8469 does not speak on Peaceful Science’s behalf, so do not implicate “this forum”. Ask him to clarify and see what he says. If he is unkind in response, he will not be here much longer.

What prompted my question was not his statement but your agreement with it.


My agreement with him was merely about WLC position.

He hasn’t posted in a while. I was being a good host and welcomign here. I do not endorse everything anyone says here.

@glipsnort you know me well enough and have been here long enough to know better. If you want me to clarify, ask. If some is unkind encourage them to do better. If I make a mistake I own up to it apologize.

I think everyone in this country is a little on edge at the moment.

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You might be right. I just need you to give me the benefit of the doubt. You know me in the real world. The mistake I made was taking to large of a quote from theman that included some negative statement about biologos. All I was commenting on was WLC.

I encourage you to push back on unkindness directly. Do not complain about the forum, the moderators or me when a guest acts out. Deal with the guest. You are all part of the forum now too. Teach the new people what our values are. Don’t rage against “the forum”. It accomplishes nothing but add work to my day and make this a less hospitable place.

Neigher of you are moderators, but you understand our values here. Help us guide things to a good approach.

Welcome to the Internet.

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I was referring to me. I’m definitely twitchy right now.


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“he’s one of the biggest jerks on this forum.” Sadly, I think you lack the insight to realize that your comment reflects more on you than me. But thanks, resorting to ad homs is usually a defence mechanism when one feels that they are overmatched - a backhanded compliment in its own way. By the way I am “intelligent and knowledgeable”.

What were we discussing where I could possibly feel overmatched? Give me a break. You constantly insult people I consider my friends and who have had a very positive impact on my life. And how was it an ad hom? You didn’t really present an argument to ignore. If you are referring to your Venema and Davis comment I made it clear I didn’t get the idea from them. Wasn’t an ad hom. Just an insult.

Well, allow me to insult back. No wait, you really are not worth it.

That was out of line by @T.j_Runyon. I already sent him a message on that.

Everyone. EVERYONE…Be Kind.

Good one? Got to go hide in shame after that one. We are done here. All the best.

Congratulations @theman8469 and @T.j_Runyon. For the first time in weeks you’ve made me make a thread private.

Work out your issues with each other here. Stop bickering and insulting each other. It is worthless and a waste of time. Bonus points goes to the first person who apologizes.

@moderators watch this thread.

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I apologize for doing this publicly and for speaking ill of the forum. This is a great forum and I love it. The moderators, especially @Michael_Callen are doing an outstanding job. As far as apologizing to the man, I will not do so. it would not be sincere. Not everyone likes everyone and that’s okay. I’ll just steer clear of him from now on.


And I love you as a Christian brother. The fact that we disagree has nothing to do with my respect for another human being, Christian or overwise. Calling me a jerk means nothing to me (I am an adult) especially on an internet forum - however I will reply in kind. Not liking me because we disagree is something I cannot really understand. To each their own I guess.

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