Footnotes on the forum

Did you know that this forum can do footnotes?[1]

  1. For an explanation, see: Discourse footnote - plugin - Discourse Meta ↩︎


Ohhh… that’s great! [1]

  1. See: Source ↩︎

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Does it? [1] Why does my footnote labeled “2” appear as a footnote labeled “1”?

  1. I’ll check. ↩︎

It works if you have the right syntax :wink:


  1. You don’t have inline enabled ↩︎

I did exactly what the first part of the article said. Apparently that’s not it. Where in that does it explain what to actually do?

You needed a colon after the 2nd [^2]

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Aha! Now, wasn’t that more helpful than “It works if you have the right syntax”?

Very cool.[1]

What’s this Preformatted text anyway?

  1. As am I. ↩︎

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