Freedom, God, and Evil in the World

How should the universe behave on theism?

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Less evil and less natural destruction in the world. A single world religion

Sounds like a dictatorship.

Yes, just like heaven sounds like. :smile:


Some day you need to break down and read CS Lewis on heaven and hell. You might find something coherent, and even beautiful, even you don’t think it’s true:

It is worth asking you exactly what I ask anti-evolutionists, “why not understand that which you reject?”

Where do you draw the line? When does it become too much evil?

It would have to be my definition of evil which will probably be different from your definition of evil. I would want no evil but lots of freedom. And one person’s freedom is another person’s definition of evil, so it probably couldn’t work out too well.

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So evil is subjective to you?

very much so.

Then how can your objection of there being too much evil in the universe for theism to be true carry any weight?

It shouldn’t have any weight, as it is just my opinion that there is no God and there is too much evil in the world. And the world, nor nature really doesn’t care what my opinion is.

What is entertaining about this is that you’ve presented all the pieces required to show this is a self-defeating argument.

  1. You say that there is evil in the world for their to be a God.

  2. You describe a perfect world as one where their is freedom, and therefore evil.

  3. Ergo, you conclude there is no God because God made world that fits your description of a perfect world.

Maybe you are justified in your atheism, but not for this reason. Moreover, one of the fundamental concerns of Scripture is giving an account for how evil enters the world, and the response of a good God to the evil we find here. It seems that story must be engaged to know if evil really is a challenge to God or not.

This is why I’m skeptical of unanchored “theism” too. It sounds like a man-made fantasy, and is very difficult to reconcile with the God we find by way of Jesus.

That’s a very interesting comment. Giving freedom to people can and does lead to evil.
And that is a Christian answer to the problem of evil.
Only difference being, there is an absolute definition of evil in addition to the relativistic understanding of evil each person holds.

We could be in Hell already. For example, telemarketers.