FYI: Tonight's Nova program: "Rise of the Mammals"

Tonight most PBS affiliates in the USA will be airing a new NOVA episode, “Rise of the Mammals”.

You can also watch it online right now:


Seems like NOVA did this long ago. Nova is one of the few American sciemnce shows that competes with the numerous British ones. Its a hilarious story. a space rock wipes out almost everybody and then the furry ones take over and make documentaries of it!
i don’t agree there was a space rock incident , nor is there a group of biology called mammals much less a rise in them. It does help show a great division in history based on creatures.This is from the great flood. the thing that fossilized this demarcation, a clean dominance over unclean, and then rapid diviersity of clean kinds and unclean ones.
Saying furry little critters got just the right mutations to become what became is very unlikely. its a fable.
nOVA should give equal time, or time, to creationist interpretation.

This was great. I really enjoyed it. This NOVA episode destroys YEC pseudoscience and shows how you didn’t have to be there to understand what happened 66 million years ago and what the next million years looked like. The asteroid strike IS the reason we are here.

This was the premier. It is brand new with very recent results.