Livecast: RJ's Evolution Hour

Continuing the discussion from The Rise of the Podcasts:

This Wednesday (10/3/2018) at 7:30pm CST, I am doing @rjdownard’s live cast. You will be able to listen in on youtube as it happens. I’m sure questions from the stream will come up. I’ll also be following this thread too if you want to participate that way. This should be an entertaining exchange.

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@rjdownard, where can they tune in?

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On my YouTube channel (I’m still a novice at this). For Twitter users, I’ll be posting the link as soon as I have it set up, likely by 4PM on Wed, and you’ll have the links sent to you so you can spread them to your networks as well. As always, we go live at 5PM Pacific time.

As I did with my chat with Nathan Lents, I’ll likely have someone in the live feed as a silent monitor to keep track of the live chat comments, so we can interact with questions and comments there.

I am looking forward to a spirited and informative discussion, Joshua.


This will be starting less than an hour for now. I’ll post a link here when we get started. Hope to see many of you online.

And here’s the main video YouTube viewing page:

And here’s the popout link for the live chat:

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I’m on now! Come ask some questions and listen in.

@rjdownard great conversation with you. We have a lot of common values. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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I heartily agree, Joshua


What did you think was the best part of it? What do you think we should go deeper on some time?

I think that we were having a friendly discussion was a big plus right there. I wanted to avoid diving into matters theological (even if not a few in the live chat would have relished that fireworks), even as it teetered on the brink at times, so I avoided sliding into that too much because I wanted to keep it focused on the data field side of it, a source methods issue that too easily gets lost in the shuffle (the need for any view, religious or not, to explain the data). Every one of the subjects that came up could be delved into at more depth, from the science end to the religion end. Whether Evolution Hour will become a useful venue where people of disparate views can have a dialogue (but not a place for diatribe platforming) only time will tell. But I’m game.