Gauger: Peaceful Science on Human Exceptionalism


@agauger wrote a piece over at ENV where she has nice things to say about Peaceful Science:

This site certainly isn’t perfect, but it is nice to see that even people we may disagree with can still find something of worth in our discussions.

New Evolution News piece on Peaceful Science
(S. Joshua Swamidass) #2

@Agauger did a great job on this one. I agree.

@pnelson, take note of this too. Ann is doing some of the best work on your end in building bridges. I’m looking forward to: Gauger and Swamidass: A Conversation About God and Evolution at the end of February.

The host of Peaceful Science , Joshua Swamidass, has a piece on human exceptionalism from a slightly different point of view from mine. You can find it here. John West also wrote on the subject, adding his own perspective. We three are in agreement on this: Humans truly are exceptional. Something has happened on Earth that is beautiful and unique.