Genealogical Adam on The Hump of the Camel

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I’ve just taken the trouble to create a new “category” on the Hump, including all the articles I can find that I’ve done dealing with the Genealogical Adam hypothesis, since 2011. It’s already quite a large body of work - 38 posts - including a good number not included in the summary piece with links that I wrote a while ago.

So if you want to know more about work that has already been done - especially in the area of theology and Bible - you can now search by category on the site.


And not only that, but a new post on the religion of adam before Adam in Genesis 1.


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I’ve revived this thread to plug a new Hump piece on the theology of Adam (with relevance to genealogical Adam) here.

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Another new Hump post relevant, albeit indirectly to Geneaological Adam, here.

In it I argue that the present reign of Christ, as risen man, at God’s right hand seems to be dependant on treating Adam as a historical figure, for he was called to just such a reign, as believers are called to it in Christ.

On the other hand, treating Adam allegorically gives no reason to anticipate why human, hevenly, kingship should be on the radar of the gospel at all.

Of course, a literalistic YEC Adam would fit the theological bill as well, but the purpose of Genealogical Adam is to resolve the real problems that causes. GA shows why historical Adam is possible. My aim is to show why he is necessary.