God's Good Earth now available

(Jon Garvey) #1

Just to let folks know that my book, God’s Good Earth - the case for an unfallen creation, is now available to buy from Wipf & Stock, at discount price. Availability at Amazon, etc, should follow shortly. If you get it from the latter, please post a helpful review!

I’ve given the book its own webpage here, with links to sales outlets, which I’ll update as necessary, and a growing list of resources for readers such as an online bibliography.

Hope you enjoy it.



(Jon Garvey) #3

Thanks - it only took 7 years!

(Herculean Skeptic) #4

Congratulations!! Please do post an Amazon link or a note when it is available there!!

(Jon Garvey) #5

Sure will!

(Ashwin S) #6

Congrats. All the best.

(Jon Garvey) #7

OK - looks as though buying is possible from Amazon now.

Book, or e-Book.

Getting there slowly. Just need a reader now.

(Vincent Torley) #8

Hi @jongarvey,

Congratulations. I’m happy for you. The book definitely deserves to sell well. Good luck!

(Jon Garvey) #9

Now available in UK, and I’ve been promised a bit of flag-waving at Bristol Baptist College, as well as the ID community.

No reviews of Amazon yet, but here’s one that was suggested to me on the phone last night that I like:

“This long overdue book deals with insight and profundity with some of the biggest questions in science, theology and history. It is a game-changer. Well done Dad.”

(Jordan Mantha) #10

I grabbed the kindle edition, I’m quite excited to see this available. Congrats!

(Jon Garvey) #11

I have the reader I requested! Thanks Jordan!

(Guy Coe) #12

I’ve got the Kindle version too, now. Juggling you along with several new books!

(Jon Garvey) #13

Other books fly off the shelves. Mine falls off because it’s being juggled!

(Guy Coe) #14

Ahh, but it falls into something dynamic! Take the compliment, and may I also thank you for the good insights I’ve read from you already!