Has Joel Duff successfully cloned a human?

More specifically, has Joel Duff successfully cloned himself so as to have the time and energy to produce a new and excellently instructive Youtube video every 24 to 48 hours?

Take a look at these engaging videos on creationism and science:

. . . and earlier today he posted:

Meanwhile, a favorite saying of creationists is “It’s just a loss of information.” Speaking as someone who grew up in a Young Earth Creationist tradition (and schooled by John Whitcomb Jr. himself), I now consider so much of the YECist movement as an unfortunate loss and disregard of information. (The number of YEC authors who actually acknowledge and engage the scientific evidence is very small in my opinion.)


Wolves can hold their ears straight up. Some domestic dogs cannot. This is considered a loss of information.

Wolves cannot hold their tails straight up. Some domestic dogs can. This is not considered a gain of information.


I have it from confidential sources that @Joel_Duff has at least 4 clones of himself, so far. :slight_smile:


I hope none of them go by the name Lore.


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