Heiser: Interview on the Genealogical Adam and Eve, Part 1

This was a big opportunity. Heiser is very well known, and came out very positive on the book.


How odd to omit your academic title.


Interesting for sure!

First the interview got me googling Warfield - I had heard of him and didn’t know much. Then I was reading Calvin’s Commentaries on Genesis - found out he thought of the first few verses of Genesis in much the same way that I landed. Neat.

The interview really got me wondering if I am weird in that for me the importance of origins has to do with the character of God, the work of Jesus, and philosophy. I definitely have opinions about interpretation, but I’m still limping along wondering why people are arguing about interpretations, literalism, and the historicity of Adam and Eve. I think all of it only matters as it implicates the former. Maybe many just don’t see origins implicating the former trio of concepts at all; it seems that way as I’ve conversed with many Christians in the forum.

I found this - is this what you are referencing? Non-Negotiable Beliefs About Creation

Could you share the link to the Keller piece you mentioned?

Part 2 will be interesting as well, I imagine.

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Many of us feel that way too.

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I liked the point you made about young earth creation science: if that science did not require a presupposition of a particular religious viewpoint, then there would be other scientists without those religious viewpoints looking at the data and making similar conclusions that the earth is young. Instead we have the opposite, where only people with a particular religious view look at the science and think it points to a young earth.

Also an interesting point that human arguments for the faith can become a form of idolatry.


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