How Would You Order The Endorsements?

Here is a request from my publisher. How would you respond?

Right now, the endorsements are displayed on the web page (The Genealogical Adam and Eve - InterVarsity Press) simply in the order in which we received them — but if you’d like us to rearrange these in any special order, we can do that. Just send me the list of names in the order you think best. (E.g., “Smith, Jones, Brown….”) If you’re neutral on some of the order, no worries, and I’ll use my own judgment; but I know you wanted the opportunity.

Some factors to consider when prioritizing them are: [1] the name recognition of the writer (or institution), particularly with regards to this book; [2] any tasty turns of phrase that you particularly like; [3] keeping diversity in mind high up on the list — and I mean diversity of all kinds: race, gender, institution type (e.g., Christian vs. non-, theological disciplines vs. the sciences, etc.). There’s definitely no one right way to do this!

The reason it matters is of course that we want readers to see the “best” ones first. And they’ll appear lots of places, including inside the book, on our website, at Amazon and other retailers, etc. Some places (notably in marketing pieces) will even truncate the list so that only the top few appear at all — and we want to make sure we show the pick of the litter, if that makes sense.

Here are the names to consider:

Anyone who may have directly or indirectly contributed to the book itself should be near the top. The rest should be ordered by their potential cultural impact since this book is meant for the general public.