I Confused the Books!

Well…actually, there is a joke about this. Supposedly he attempted to make this for a popular audience…he failed. Badly. It is a solidly academic book.

Would you agree @NLENTS ?

Would I agree about what?

That WLC’s Adam and Eve book is an academic tome, not well suited for popular audiences (except the fact WLC has a large popular following).

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I will remind readers that this thread is about Ken Ham’s “newest book Creation to Babel: A Commentary for Families” (as per the thread’s title and the link in the OP).

“WLC’s Adam and Eve book” is therefore entirely off-topic (except perhaps to the extent that somebody wants to make a comparison between the two).

The Ham book is described as a " Family Devotional & Commentary" and therefore quite clearly is “aimed at a popular rather than a scholarly audience.”

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@tim you’re right. I got threads mixed up and thought that your comment was about WLC’s book. It isn’t.

My apologies :).

Easy enough to lose track which thread you’re on, on here, at times. :slight_smile:


Right, that’s why I was confused. I was like, “You think I read the Ken Ham book???” lol


I was quite concerned that Josh was labeling Ken Ham’s book as “solidly academic”. :rofl:


That does seem unlikely. :wink:

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