Ken Ham Releases Unique Commentary on Genesis 1–11

This book was the topic of a recent blog post on The Sensuous Curmudgeon. Given that AiG seems to be a hot topic just at this moment, I thought it might be of interest.

I must admit I’ve long had a mild curiosity as to how closely Ham’s (and thus AiG’s) interpretation of Genesis matches more scholarly interpretations. I would note that the above link refers to him as a “prolific author, popular speaker and Ark Encounter visionary” rather than listing any Old Testament or Hebrew expertise.


I was curious and skimmed the “start reading” sample. It read like a devotional for pre-teens or middle schoolers - kind of midrange so little kids could understand something and young teenagers wouldn’t be really bored reading it or listening to it read aloud. The language is very simple. I guess the subtitle “commentary for families” gives it away as not an academic work.

From what I saw in the table of contents, the appendices looked like the most interesting part.

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I was meaning more the contents of the interpretation, rather than wording, which clearly reflects
the fact that the book was aimed at a popular rather than a scholarly audience.

Or to put it another way, to what extent is the book’s interpretation consistent with scholarly interpretation of Genesis (acknowledging the likelihood of at least some variance in scholarly interpretation)?

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