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Welcome to Peaceful Science @DaleCutler. Can you tell us about yourself? It sounds like you are an old earth creationist, right? What is your profession? What brings you here?

Yes, you got some insulting comments from people. When this happens, just flag the offending post, so moderators can deal with it. I certainly can’t answer for every person who posts here. Our vision is idealistic, and we fall short. Our goal is to do better and better.



I accept the label of OEC, but maybe it should be OOEC, adding an extra ‘old’, since I’m retired and in my early geezerhood. :slightly_smiling_face:

I jokingly refer to myself as a retired Renaissance man (my sculpture prof. asked me if I might change my major), but my career, as it turned out, was primarily in the medical industry and medical equipment, although my degree and a year of graduate work was in math. (I completely loved teaching applied calc. as an intern – the students were all pre-professional and motivated!) That was after pushing a nuclear submarine around for three years during Viet Nam. A cool series of about a dozen events demontrating one of God’s major M.O.s (frequently known as ‘God’s providence’, or simply ‘Providence’: his sovereignty over time and place, timing and placing – evident throughout scripture and in the lives of Christians across the centuries) was when I went to med. school when I was 43.

I have already demonstrated failure in pursuing one reason that I’m here, that failure being my participation in and replying in kind to far less than gracious remarks, and for which I am ashamed (see the latter part of 1 Peter 3:15*). There are good reasons for the sure hope that we have as Christians, and philosophy, theology and science are part of that.



Welcome Dale Cutler. You’ve come to the right place. Renaissance men and women are appreciated here.


Recall that Cesare Borgia was a Renaissance man.

Dale and I are acquainted from Facebook, and it was a tip from Dale that brought me here in the first place. Therefore, anything I do wrong is officially Dale’s fault! :wink:

Though Dale and sometimes argue (just a little) he is always just as nice as the day is long. He’s good people in my book. :smile:


But I share Cesare Borgia’s ancestry. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What about Victor Borge?

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I share his ancestry too. And I love his ‘inflationary language’ routine.

Oops… accidentally deleted the post with the link above.

Are you sure this video is the two you inelevended to post? :wink:

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You don’t think it was renineded to my previous remark?

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Another fun nonsense language (there are several variations of it, using the same principle) is Oofengloofish, that my wife learned in college – we won’t say how many decades ago, but it was 0.6 centuries ago, and her first initial is Jeanne :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Oofengloofish is ‘English’ in Oofengloofish, because you put an ‘oof’ before every vowel sound.

Suefoe (spelling phonetically), ewefor newfame oofis Doofan Oofeastwoofood (rhymes with ‘wood’… I don’t know enough diacritical notation to know how else to specify it :slightly_smiling_face:).

The first words that our boys learned to translate when they were small were “oofice crewfeam”. :slightly_smiling_face:

And analogous ‘languages’ can be constructed with other nonsense syllables like ‘ug’, ‘uck’, ‘ick’, ‘ip’, ‘op’, ‘im’, ‘um’ and so on. Once someone is ‘fluent’ in one it is not always easy to switch to another. And I don’t remember if it is easier to hear before speaking it or easier to speak it before hearing it.

I understand (I don’t remember which war it was, or maybe more than one) that American POWs (and maybe others whose native language was English) communicated with each other using pig Latin so that the guards couldn’t understand them.

Ah, I just found a Wiki article that covers it – it may have originated as ‘Oppish’?:

CutlerSounds Cutlera Cutlerbit Cutlerlike CutlerCutlerish. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ha!

Jeanne wondered about Inflationary Language inside of Offengloofish. :slightly_smiling_face: That would be a good mental exercise, not that Oppish or Uggish or Oppuggish wouldn’t be, especially, say, reading a long paragraph or speaking it exclusively in a family with grade school kids. Roppuggight, Doppuggan?

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Jeannie … ?

Um, how to answer that…

Pidgin Oofengloofish that a plumber might use:

This may have seemed irrational…

Start with the last two words. :slightly_smiling_face:

(So there may not be a flood except in the eyes of the beholder. :wink:)