Is All YEC Really Pseudoscience?

And I totally agree with this. I also recommend @Joel_Duff and @jammycakes work on this:

  1. Evidence and the Age of the Earth

  2. Lake Varves, Volcanic Ash, and the Great Isaiah Scroll

  3. GPS, Radiodating, and Plate Tectonics

  4. The 10 Best Evidences for a Young Earth

They do a good job both explaining precisely why scientists think the earth is old, and also explaining examples of dishonesty in YEC science. Of course, a few scientific YECs are honest too. We have discussed Todd Wood here, and also John Sanford.

Sanford and I had an interesting discussion about this when he was in STL. He noted that “evolution, whether it is true or false, is a very powerful idea.” He is right. He acknowledges that the evidence against it is ambiguous, which is a surprising and important concession in YEC compared to the typical bellicosity.