Evidence and the Age of the Earth

This last week, I spent time with more than a total of about 150 high school students at two camps. Many if not most of them come from young earth creationist families. Several times I was asked about the age of the earth and evidence. As a reference for them, I wanted to give them links to several of the things I mentioned.

Before we divine, remember God can make a tree that is simultaneously 100 years old, and 1 week old. This is not at all about Scripture says is the age of the earth (about which I believe it is silent), but about the age it appears to be.

One of the most important blogs to read about this is @Joel_Duff at Naturalis Historia (https://thenaturalhistorian.com/). The earth really does appear old.

Some important starting points are:

I’ll add more here as we have time to write about them. Also @Joel_Duff is a friend of Peaceful Science, and might answer questions you have on either of these articles.

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