J Mac Seeking a Pupil

I was told by some very influential people that I will get banned at peacefulscience.org after my first comment… I hope I last more than that…lol

The reason why I have join the blog/forum is that I got banned at UD for exposing theistic beliefs and I resent TSZ for the nonsense that is going on there…Simply put : there are privileged people there that they think they deserve respect because of their accomplishments… I don’t care about that because I think I have accomplished something that beats them, I think, but I remain anonymous until it is recognized… If it isn’t, I couldn’t careless…
Dr. Swamidass,
If you want me on this blog, you’d better be ready for a RIDE into dimensions you have never been to…You might learn something…but the question is…Would you like to?


If I haven’t been banned yet… and a half truck of Atheists too… I can’t imagine that you have much to worry about!

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No thank you. The opinions of anonymous posters are severely discounted here. Come back after you’ve toned down the condescension or you will get banned.

Peaceful Science is not a debate forum. Only stay here if you are on board with our goals.


I take it as a joke… I hope you can understand why…

I don’t understand the joke, will you explain it?


If I explain why, swamidass will have to ban me…

Are you asking to be banned?

Bring it on, looking forward to the challenge. First off, how old are you as I don’t converse with minors without knowing that they are minors. (Too bad Catholic Priests didn’t have such a rule.)

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No, but you will the moment I challenge your beliefs…
As a Christian, on what do you base your religious beliefs? Let’s use Adam and Eve appearance on the earth?

Oh yeah? What scientific, experimental evidence convinced you the most that abiogenesis happened? Please do not overwhelm us! 10 examples of the experiments will do…

I’m not interested in being your pupil @J_Mac. Have fun with @Patrick.

Do not create problems on other threads, be respectful of others, do not engage in personal attacks. Be kind. Stay on topic. Follow those rules and there should be no reason to ban you.


Swamidass must be a hell of a guy…

I am not a Christian. As far as I know, Adam and Eve were fictional characters in an ancient creation myth.


Ok, you know I always follow the rules :rofl:

You have gotten very close to be suspended. I really hope you can be kind next time an ID leader comes here.

Yes he is. Dr. Swamidass is also a physician, a scientist, a genetics researcher, an Assistant Professor at UWSTL,

Experimental evidence is not the only way to do science. Observation is also worthwhile. Here is a recent observation that adds to investigation into the origin of life on Earth.

Meanwhile investigation on what non-living chemical processes were on Earth before life emerged.

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J-Mac: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

The rest of us: “True - and nothing makes us think that situation will change.”



What do you take as a joke?

Mac, if you are devoted in your interest in Special Creation… this site is especially interested in that discussion.

Most of us are as well… in one form or another!

So… I don’t think your position will be the issue… it will be your ATTITUDE!

Why didn’t you say so in the first place? I wouldn’t have wasted my time on someone who believes that his beliefs, or his preconceived ideas, override experimental evidence… Isn’t this blog all about “me first attitude” rather than let’s look at the scientific, experimental, empirical evidence?
This comment of yours is not a joke. This is beyond perversity…