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No, this is a blog where the latest results in science is discussed. What latest science result would you like to discuss?


What’s the over/under on how long he’ll last here?

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Has anyone been banned here? Not that I’ve noticed

Really? What kind o science latest results are you talking about? You have already discarded experimental evidence as the main source of scientific results, so what kind of scientific results could you possibly propose? The imaginary scientific results? How about speculative results?

keiths got banned… rightly so… I think…

Two other users did get banned.

@keiths did not get banned. He left and did not want to come back. Though many people insist he should have been banned.

Many people tell I’ve been too nice here. Maybe. Who knows?

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Are you familiar with quantum mechanics?
It’s my hobby but it has become my passion which interferes with my real research… feeding mice…lol

Does God need evolution? Why would God need evolution? Why wait billions of years to see your “unpredictable” creative work?

I try to stay up on the latest in quantum mechanics. What are you interests? Perhaps the latest experimental results in quantum entanglement?


What science do you want to talk about? Ready when you are.



God WANTS evolution… but the time frame is for the sake of mortals!

Old Earth creationists have already come to terms with the oddities of God using such a long time scale. But for God there is no time at all.

All the steps described in creation all happen in an instant anyway. So it seems that the timeframe is not for God… but for humanity… to understand how everything works together.

God doesn’t seem to want humans to expect instant gratification!

I would say no because there is no God. Can we now get to something interesting to discuss?

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Few… quantum entanglement violates special relativity… time flying backwards… if there is such as thing as time on subatomic level… Or the double slit experiment that collapsed the wave function by just “thinking” about it thousands of miles away…


None of that is part of quantum mechanics.


Quantum entanglement does not violate special relativity. No time only expands outwards at one second per one second just like the expansion of the three dimensions of space. You mention the double slit experiment and the collapse of the wave function. This is only one of many interpretations of the double slit experiment. You are very lacking in your knowledge of quantum mechanics.


You even couldn’t Google or Wiki it? I did an OP on this at TSZ…Check it out:


I did an OP on this at TSZ.


Here is the link to the article:

Chinese physicists measure speed of Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’: At least 10,000 times faster than light

The next step is to send information faster than the speed of light via entanglement, if it has not been done yet…

And you are wrong. No Nobel Prize for you. But keep working on it, as I see a future for you as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Irreproducible Results.


The latest results superseded your previous post:

And no, special relativity is not violated and no, the next step **isn’**t sending information faster than the speed of light via entanglement.


I’m not saying I’m right… I’m just referring to the experimental evidence that violates special THEORY of relatively…
OMG! I totally forgot…You believe that there are other ways of doing “real science” other than experiments…
How many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to speculative scientists? You still have a chance… lol

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