James Sherley: Should Pro-Lifers Take the COVID Vaccines?

And are statistically indistinguishable…

Well, the J&J vaccine has statistically distinguishable efficacy from the other two, and it also has a single dose rather than multiple dose, and it does not require aggressive refrigeration. Those are all significant differences.

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I strongly disagree, because it was tested against significantly different viral populations than the first two. To test that hypothesis, you’d need to do a study with matched controls.

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I might think the pro-life movement would like most to think there is no grey area. But there always are.

There are clearly a range of opinions. Conclusions will vary depending on the relative priorities one assigns to the many different facets involved. Some will tend to one extreme while others will balance the factors differently. Also, with vaccines, this is actually distinct from a moral position on the act of abortion. It’s about what one can or should do with the products of abortion. And there we see significant nuance, such as whether the intent of the abortion was to provide cells to advance science or obtain some profit or if the derived cell lines were not a motivating factor behind the abortion.

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Perhaps you haven’t see the subpopulation analysis that is essentially a population matched control :slight_smile:

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Subpopulations of what? Virus or people?

People. Remember that the Pfizer trial includes people in South Africa.

I’m aware of that, thanks, but what I mean is that the vaccines have been tested against different virus populations. The virus population is evolving.

Yes, it has been tested on the new strains. The trial continues, and new data. Was just released.

Do you mean the Pfizer press release, which for South Africa is:

South Africa, where the B.1.351 lineage is prevalent and 800 participants were enrolled, nine cases of COVID-19 were observed, all in the placebo group, indicating vaccine efficacy of 100% (95% CI, [53.5, 100.0])

How is that efficacy statistically different from J&J’s in SA?

J&J’s did not have 100% efficacy there. Though you are correct if you mean the difference is not statistically significant at 95%.

That’s what I mean. I suspect it’s not even different at 50%!

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Not to downplay the ethical knots of human cell lines, but the vaccine is a gift of life.