Lents's Op-Ed is the Top of the Week at USA Today

We have seen that Jerry Coyne isn’t a big fan of the GAE, but Lents’s opinion column hit the top of the chart at USA Today this week. This is saying quite a bit, considering the number of political pieces it beat out!


Congrats, @NLENTS !!!

It shows that people are looking for bridges that span the culture war divides. It could also be a lot of YEC’s that fail to understand the article, but I am going to pretend it’s a lot of TE’s, EC’s, and level headed atheists who get what @swamidass is writing about.


Hope so! Lol and thanks Curtis!


Maybe this positive response is because many Christians are used to news articles saying the opposite, like “Adam and Eve couldn’t have existed”, and so it is surprising to hear the opposite kind of headline.


IS uSA Today still in business TODAY?? who reads these things.
anyways i’m glad fpor attention to origin matters. Its possible it reaches all sides becvause its vague.
So indeed creationists might read it, or the other side, or anyone in the middle.
anyways more power to it.

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