Jesus, Segregation, and a West County Church in STL

Last week, I spoke at a “West County Church” in Saint Louis. I spoke with Pastor Terry Sanderson. I shared about about Jesus and the Resurrection, the injustice of our segregated city, and many other things. I told them of the confident faith I found,

@Ben_Sanders, @TWReynolds, and @CPArand will understand, because they all live in Saint Louis. This is a segregated city, and West County is the place to where all the white people fled. It is very significant that they heard about racial injustice here, and the sin of segregation, and received it. I was treated with great respect when I was there, and people want a different way forward. I talk about Jesus a great deal here, the One from beyond science, whose Kingdom is greater than the segregation of our ancestors. I am hopeful more West County churches will continue down this path too.

If you have time to only watch a small part, here is a quick guide:

  1. Around 10 minutes in, I talk about the honest and honorable path to atheism. You will like this @Patrick.

  2. Around 23 minutes in, I talk about one reason we need to be diverse, and include people very different than us in our communities. This is how segregation deeply injures us.

  3. Around 26:30, I start to tell two stories of two dreams. The first story is about a dream that a woman I met had when she was in a refugee camp. The second story is about @sygarte’s dream.

@sygarte, I hope you get a chance to listen to this. I gave a shout out for your book, Finding My Faith. Really look forward to reading a copy.


@AllenWitmerMiller, you can listen to the audio by itself right here:


You did this well. Thank you. You were spot on. You are certainly a man of high integrity.


Nice to hear you speak. I particularly liked the part about Peter in the garden.

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@Swamidass, Thank you so much for that audio alternative to save my bandwidth!

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