Men who lived in Spain 4500 years ago left almost no male genetic legacy today

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Isn’t it odd that while the article says “left almost no male genetic legacy”, the link says “left almost no descendants alive today”? Perhaps they initially went with that title but realized it was a mistake. Isn’t this yet another example of confusing genealogical with genetic ancestry?


Very confused initial title on that one, and from AAAS too. This question of genetic ancestry is confusing for a lot of people. It looks like the caught it on the main title though, and that is a good thing.

Its not surprising. it was just less then 4500 years ago. The north ones INDEED were from Japet, indo european language, and the south were the Basques. Ham language group.
The Basques simply traveled along the coasts from Egypt etc.
they got there first in the south but were defeated and forced into the mountains.
Spain always had lots of people from N africa coming over long before the Islamic movement.
These genetic studies just show what was always known especially as language indicated.