Metzger: Three Essential Traits of Scientists

A theologian reflects on scientists:

Three of the qualities I have most admired in various scientists with whom I have interacted are intellectual humility, intellectual integrity, and intellectual curiosity. In what follows, I will reflect briefly upon each of these qualities and how important they are for scientific exploration and life.

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i don’t agree.
First i don’t agree there are scientists. Its just humans figuring things out.
A scientist can only claim they do a higher standard of investigation before they draw a conclusion and can demand others do likewise.
I see intelligence as the priority trait. Integrity is obvious for all mankind. Humility is for all mankind.
Natural philosophers(scientists) can only say they are different from other people if they figure something out others never knew. How it works/manipulate it to make it work another way.
An evil scientist is a real one while a unaccomplished “scientist” is not a real one.
To have prestige science must have rules. not everyone gets trophy for gaining degress in ones late teens and early twenties.

(Pssst…just because Robert says something, it doesn’t mean anybody is obligated to respond to him!)


This article is completely inoffensive - how could anyone possibly disagree that intellectual humility, integrity, and curiosity are vital in good scientists.

Robert: “hold my beer.”


Not this is from a Theologian reflecting on what he has learned from scientists.

You meant to say ‘scientists’ right?

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Its not for them anymore then anyone else. Not about offensiveness. Its about accuracy.
Things vital in scientists should be unique to science. I think thats intelligence. and then intelligence to bring accuarete conclusions. Which is just more intelligence. A few beers might help stimulate imagination however.

Right. Unless humility and integrity are important attributes when there is disagreement.
However that would be for everybody and not just scientists.

Vital =/= unique. The title of this thread is “three essential traits of scientists”, not “three traits that are unique to scientists”.

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