Mini Series Chernobyl

This mini series on the Chernobyl disaster has important ramification to PS regarding science and truth. Please watch it if you get a chance.

This is a point that the creator of “Chernobyl,” Craig Mazin, has stressed. “The lesson of Chernobyl isn’t that modern nuclear power is dangerous,” he tweeted. “The lesson is that lying, arrogance, and suppression of criticism are dangerous.”


Best tv-series I’ve watched in a long time. Remarkably it also gets highly positive reviews from many residents of former Soviet Union states who say it feels very authentic.

I also enjoyed it immensely. I recommend the related podcast where Mazin talks more about the series.

Most agree that the series was careful with the facts, but some disagree

There are two recent books. I read and recommend “Midnight at Chernobyl” for more details on the chronology and technical issues. There is also “Manual for Survival” by Kate Brown. I haven’t read it, but based on the NBN podcast interview with the author, it extends the concerns with lying and misrepresentation to the US scientific community involved in the investigation and subsequent nuclear work.

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