More “proof” that Jesus existed

It’s really frustrating that a respected academic (in his field) like Coyne can promote the basic equivalent of creationism in ancient history (Jesus mythicism) on his blog and not get any pushback for that. Nothnagle’s assertion that Christ mythicism is the “neutral position” sounds eerily similar to what YECs often say regarding “historical science.”


New Atheists have a soft spot for pseudohistory, especially regarding religion. :slight_smile:


Not nearly as soft as Ken Ham’s pseudohistory:

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That’s a low bar.


Patrick, how does that statement differ from “Yeah, Dad, but little Kenny broke the rule first!” ?

Moreover, Ken Ham has no advanced degrees. Jerry Coyne has a PhD and should understand how to research a topic before writing about it. Moreover, Ken Ham isn’t part of the academy—but Coyne certainly is. So Coyne should have much more respect for the PhD historians of the academy and be willing to listen to their expertise.


Don’t kick the poor atheist when he is down. @patrick often posts things that would be of interest here that he does not personally endorse. Cut him some slack :smile:. Coyne is entitled to his opinion, in the same way Ken Ham is too.


Ken Ham has seven honorary PhDs from Christian Colleges and Universities! Ken doesn’t need to do research on anything as his parents told him the stories in Genesis 60 years ago in Australia and that was all he needed to know to live his life.

Merry Christmas to one and all. I do hope Santa visited you last night and brought you many presents. :sunglasses: