Origin of Proteins

I am going to put the majority of the dump from How did the Bombardier Beetle Evolve? here. I’m going to then split out smaller conversations. At some point in the future I’m going to see if I can create a phylogenetic tree from these posts :wink:

It is your burden to show that neutral mutations plus selection and drift can build this system. We know minds can build complex functional sequences.

Already been done and explained to you several dozen times Bill. Not our problem you can’t remember longer than 15 minutes.

Wrong again Bill. We know minds can design sequences. We have no evidence minds can actually physically construct them.


Think of it as a 3D printer. What steps are required to design one of these.

That makes even less sense. Your blather is truly becoming tiresome.

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Do human designed 3-D printers self-reproduce with selectable heritable variations?

Thanks for sharing your uninformed and unsupported personal opinion Bill. We’ll give it the consideration it deserves.

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The transcription and translation mechanism acids like a 3D printer but simplified as it used atoms and molecules. Like DNA code produces amino acid sequences digital code produces 3D artifacts. The problem getting from one version to another is modification of the code.

You do not have a mechanistic explanation that you have establish can innovate the new features you are observing.

That burden has been met multiple times now, and that evidence has been given to you.


I am glad you are happy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your uninformed and unsupported personal opinion Bill. We’ll give it the consideration it deserves. No need to repeat yourself.

How can you say this when we have given you those mechanisms in multiple posts in multiple threads?

I anxiously await the authorities opinion. :slight_smile:

That would require you to read and understand the primary scientific literature. Something you’ve never even attempted to do.

I can tell you that genetic recombination was responsible but that does not empirically establish it as an innovative mechanism. You have never established that the mechanisms that you proposed are up to the task at hand. Unusually this starts with a model such as the one Dawkins proposed.

Bill Cole forgets selection feedback, episode #88,615

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Then show us a genetic difference between the bombardier beetle and other beetles of the same family that evolutionary mechanisms could not produce. Otherwise, you are just making empty assertions.


So your claim is that if someone cannot prove your solution is false than it is true by default?

If you can’t find evidence which falsifies all the positive evidence we do have for evolution then evolution is the accepted answer. Bill’s uninformed personal disbelief doesn’t cut it.

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