Police Department Blames Atheists and Satanists for Crimes

I article said:

One such study explicitly counters the police department’s assertion that violent crime is on the rise because people have “turned away from God.”

Considering that violent crime has dropped greatly in the USA in the past quarter of a century, the police department’s claim makes me wonder if that particular community’s violent crime rate is countering that trend.

Of course, a violent crime rate tends to correlate with the percentage of the population which is male and under age 35.

“Democrats blame Trump for taking government hypocrisy and stupidity to a whole new level. News at eleven.”
Oh, wait --that’s the whole “fake news meme thing” that NO ONE seems to be immune from! : )

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Just in case you think that we just protest Christian/Government entanglement, here is a non-Christian/Government entanglement: