Scott asks questions about evolution

Thats total nonsense. All you need to do is use a ultrasound to prove that patently false. A fraud even.

So why are you trolling rather than contributing. Belittling suggesting you are above others makes you look really bad. That sort of behavior is the kind that is unneeded on any site.

The penetrating rebuttal we all expected of you. The future of the entire field of biology is now surely doomed.


It’s actually not. Homologies observed both in adult and in embryonic forms are compelling evidence for our shared ancestry not only with the other apes, but also with the other mammals, the other tetrapods, and even with fish. I think that if you don’t know that, you probably should not worry about that book which was mentioned earlier being too simple for you. You need a basic grounding in developmental biology in order to better understand this.

Which reminds me: another good book on this is Shubin’s excellent Your Inner Fish.


Who is We all. The wrong people? You can do a google search. Look at ultra sounds. Nothing like a turtle or e embryo of a turtle or a chicken or anything. It only suggests you never seen a ultra sound before.
I cant support a lie… And I find it very political, bigoted actually cause they like Politics go on the offense and slam the christian who pointed out the fraud while giving the Fraudster a pass.
Just like the Left who would say Conservatives Pounce on Biden for abandoning people in Afghanistan. Blaming the good guy rather than saying simply Biden abandoned people in Afghanistan and Conservatives are unhappy… They try to flip the script. There is only one person to blame for that fraud and every scientist should be angry at such a blatant attempt to minimize it. And now you… How dare you…

You do know how non-science it is. It doesn’t matter to me either way other than I hate frauds. Hoaxes, snake oil and such. I couldn’t care less if it showed a monkey if it did… But it doesn’t. And the drawings are frauds… not right, not science, not investigative and still in textbooks brainwashing minds toward a false belief in a faked science.

DNA construct toward the final product, it does not do a memory tour. It would suggest the baby has to go through a metamorphic change correcting in the womb suggesting the actual evolution didn’t really happen, but that it happened on top of what is. There is no science for that. there are chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA and a mothers blood and antibodies working toward a goal. No world tour first. It rapidly produces lungs not gills. IF shoulders of a baby is mistaken for gills, then that is just a need for glasses. I took another look over a thousand images and at best, there is a hump back head bent forward ugly looking baby form with eyes sort of on its side early on which does not look anything like any thing else. the closest to me was a pig at one point but even a chip doesn’t look like it… comparing blobs with other blobs with slight definitions, to suggest there is any ancestry showing between them is just not scientific at all.

That’s because by the time you get an ultrasound it’s way past the point at which embryos look similar.

Who’s lying? Are you accusing everyone else here of lying?

Not quite true. They were tweaked a little, but they’re basically fine. Photos show the same general resemblance.

As for the rest, your ignorance of embryology is colluding with your incoherence of language to produce impenetrable nonsense.

I ask again: why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish?


Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish?

My point on this topic which was Adam and Eve was made and I was correct… There is ample science to prove that there is one single line back to a “Adam and Eve” And there is also a clear mitochondrial path back , a single solitary line. Mitochondrial DNA does not shift and change as much either…
I am not necessarily saying a Biblical Adam and Eve, but that 7 billion people have 99.9% of the exact same DNA. and that there is no Evolution of any sort statistically in the human race all the way back to the mitochondrial Eve. That is not my opinion. That is 2021 Science. Google mitochondrial Eve and look at the video I provided above as well. The facts are overwhelming.

I have silenced @Evolution_is_a_Hoax. Let’s not pick on him while he is not here speak for himself.


Still curious about who provided the title, given that he never asked any questions. Anyone?

No textbook is suggesting that human embryos develop gills before lungs. The colloquial term “gill slits” is sometimes used to refer to the pharyngeal arches, as these arches develop into the gill arches of fish and into homologous structures in humans such as the hyoid and other cartilages in the throat.



Well, I won’t bother explaining how this is wrong. But I will give you, in case you are still reading, some study questions:

(1) Do you have a notochord?
(2) What types of animals DO have notochords?
(3) Have you ever previously had a notochord?
(4) What do those facts tell you about your “memory tour” and related remarks above?

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