Slave Bible from the 1800s at The Museum of the Bible


Wow, just wow…

“About 90 percent of the Old Testament is missing [and] 50 percent of the New Testament is missing,” Schmidt says. “Put in another way, there are 1,189 chapters in a standard protestant Bible. This Bible contains only 232.”

Schmidt says passages that could have prompted rebellion were removed, for example:

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

This history lesson is helpful:

Schmidt says there are several theories behind the editing and omitting of so much of the standard Bible, but the main thought stems from the fact that farmers in the West Indies were opposed to missionaries worked with the enslaved Africans on their land.

"This can be seen as an attempt to appease the planter class saying, ‘Look, we’re coming here. We want to help uplift materially these Africans here but we’re not going to be teaching them anything that could incite rebellion.’ " Schmidt says. “Coming in and being able to educate African slaves would prepare them one day for freedom, but at the same time would not cause them to seek it more aggressively.”

What an amazingly disastrous…wow.


I don’t hate religion, but I’m very unhappy with it sometimes.

I could say more, but anyone with a conscience should be having the same thoughts.


This is not religion, it is the perversion of it by racism. Keep in mind that more than 50% of the Bible had to be deleted to support this racist end, so we cannot blame the Bible. We can blame Christians for not living up to its edicts. It is not hard to see the same racist perversions of science.

Yes. Forgive my criticism. I would blame hypocrites for not living up to their own standards. Religion could benefit from a critical peer review from time to time.


The Bible is racist at it’s core. How can one justify, a Chosen People, a chosen race, slave girls, killing of Egyptian babies, reference to Masters and slaves.

What do you have against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? I’m not comfortable with your disrespect :wink:

Always been for MLK. A great American. Glad we have a national holiday honoring him.

And that is exactly what has happened in the history of Christianity. Many times. The Reformation is perhaps the most obvious example. (In Germany this included a reaction against tremendous exploitation of the poor to pay for massive building projects at the Vatican, among many other evils.) And the very denominationalism for which many anti-theists criticize Christianity is in part due to countless splits in various denominations down through the centuries in disagreements over ethics and social justice issues, for example. The most obvious examples in U.S. history were the denominations which split over slavery and abolition. (Indeed, the Southern Baptist Convention was created in 1845 by baptists in the South because the baptists in the North were starting to clamp down and prohibit slave-owners from being ordained for the mission field—because the baptists in the North considered slave-owners to be living utterly contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.)


And it is time for another now. Many issues to reform - SSM, human sexuality, women’s reproductive rights, gender. Christianity has to be on the right side of history with regard to human morals, values, tolerance and justice.

It depends on what you mean by “Christianity”. The term is usually applied in such a general way that there is no way it is likely to always be “on the right side of history.” All who call themselves “Christian” (whether they embraced the teachings of Jesus Christ or not) have identified with a broad spectrum of beliefs and ethnical stances and non-stances. The teachings of Jesus Christ are an entirely different matter.

I don’t have high expectations for “Christianity” as it is usually broadly defined.

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Well, yes, it is religion.

It is of the nature of religion, that it is easily perverted.

My point here, is that religion is distinct from theology. Religion is very much tied up with social and cultural practices. And those social and cultural practices are easily perverted.

Ok, how about just the White, Evangelical, over 50 men Christians. Can we start with them?

Not sure where you are headed with this. Are you implying that there would be any reason to expect white, evangelical, 50+ males to be more consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ than anybody else?

Jesus defined what constituted a true follower of him. There is no demographic which consistently fits that definition.

No, I am saying that they are the most inconsistent with the tenets of Christianity than anyone else.

MLK explains that he wanted to go to graduate school to gain resources to confront segregation. He could not find those resources in science or sociology. He studied theology instead.

If that were true, racists would not have to censor it. The slave bible itself demonstrates your reasoning is false. More than half the bible was deemed too dangerous for them to give to the slaves.

I can see where you are coming from. I would agree in a sense. Religion can be used for great good, and great evil, much like atomic power.

That is too broad a brush. Several of the people here fit that category, and are not your enemies. Do you really want to insult them like this?


There is no way I could meaningfully rank various demographics in terms of their relative consistency with the teachings of Jesus. Obviously, any such attempt would be pure folly. Obedience in following Jesus is not tied to age, gender, and ambiguous labels.


Yes, religious motivations have created tribalism and conflicts, just as all sorts of other ideologies and motivations have led to various evils: political beliefs, economic systems, nationalism, territorialism, linguistic pride, cultural purity, and many others factors. Many great atrocities involve a combination of these, including colonialism and the American phenomenon of Manifest Destiny.

I always find it interesting when religion is singled out


Next time that happens, I’d like to volunteer as a reviewer. :slight_smile:

On display now at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., is a special exhibit centered on a rare Bible from the 1800s that was used by British missionaries to convert and educate slaves.”

I feel better seeing that this is on display, not hidden away somewhere.


It is rather like coming across an exhibit clarifying the extensive evidence for the very real resurrection of Jesus in a history museum. Definitely an underserved topic.

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