The Bible Project is Thinking About the Genealogical Adam and Eve

The Bible Project’s latest podcast highlights the GAE. This is a large podcast, with about 4 million listeners. Most intriguing about this, the hosts are excited about the book, but still processing it. You can see the wheels turning. It will be really interesting to see what they do with it.

The relevant comments are at about 17 minutes, and also in the text of the article.


@jack.collins you were plugged here too!

Incidentally, why do Cain’s descendants show up after the flood?

Because the flood is not described in the Bible as a planetary flood. Their “world” was never the whole globe. We keep telling you this. Maybe it will sink in this time.


Because it was originally a famine, not a flood

But wait, the flood was supposed to wipe out all “textual humans”, all the descendants of Adam, and that would include Cain’s descendants. Wouldn’t it?

One view is that the flood “wiped out” or “displaced” textual humans in that area.

Really? I thought it was all textual humans. What’s even the point of having a flood in that case?

You have not read the book yet, have you? Do we need to send you a copy of the GAE along with the RTB book? :slight_smile: Btw, did a copy of the RTB book arrive yet?

Hasn’t arrived yet. I would read GAE if I could find a copy I didn’t have to pay for (I’m cheap); the collapse of interlibrary loan has seriously impacted my ability to find the book.

You are a patron now. If you still are in a few months, I’ll consider sending you a copy :roll_eyes: .

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And here it is: Swamidass on The Bible Project