The Cross and the Lynching Tree

I’m a scientist living in the shadow of Ferguson, in the segregated city of St Louis. Having forgotten the true name of things, it seems we are struggling to make sense of injustice.

A great deal of thought is put into theology here at Peaceful Science, usually in terms of uncovering the coherence between origins science and the faith we find by Jesus. There is straight line to draw from Adam to the Fall to Christ to the Injustice of the world, and perhaps give us insight into the Kingdom of God, and God’s grace for us in this moment.

For this reason, I want to ask every here to read, a minimum, the review to this book. What does this story and experience of injustice bring to your understanding of injustice? How are you engaging the insight of the Black Church alongside the many European scholars of which we are usually hearing?

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We talked about Going to the Ark Museum!

I wonder if a more salient, more proximate, reminder of the fall might be the new Memorial of Lynching in Alabama.


Dr. John West could also steer us to sites, nationwide, where the same kind of response to the horrors of the eugenics program in America took place (and it’s still ongoing, to some degree). A current manifestation is the heartlessness of our immigration enforcement practice of forcibly splitting children from their parents.
Our societal inhumanity is still very much alive, ethnically, sexually, and socio-economically.
A society must be judged by how it treats its most disenfranchised members, and how swiftly it works to change current injustice.

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