The Revealed Cosmology Model

The Christ-centered model (the Revealed Cosmology) which I support is laid out on the thread below, unfortunately by means of videos.

Key points about the model as it applies to humanity:

  1. Telescoping reading of Genesis 1 and 2 where the first account is mostly about the population outside the garden but mentions Adam and the second account zooms in on Adam’s story only referencing the population outside the garden obliquely and that after the fall. Neither is mentioned in great detail in the first account because its all of creation’s history in one chapter. This also serves to hide, for a time, the mystery of Christ in the text. Adam on earth is but a copy of the pre-incarnate Christ in high heaven.

  2. Adam’s biblical role is not to be the progenitor of the human race, but a figure of Christ (Rom. 5:14). He is created to be a representative for the race as it comes time for God to progressively reveal Himself to His creation and move mankind from innocence to accountability. He was given ultimate “privilege” to give mankind the best possible chance.

  3. Adam is specially created fairly recently (~ 13.4K years ago using a ‘long’ way to read the genealogies without gaps in time) though adam the race (humanity) is much older. They too are specially created in some way that animals are not, though we do not have as much detail on that.

  4. Mankind was in a state of innocence, not sinless perfection, before the creation/formation of Adam. Physical death after a long and happy life was not meant to be part of a curse but more like a graduation to the Land Above. Agree with Martin Luther than not even Adam was immortal without access to the Tree of Life.

  5. All of mankind’s eyes were opened that they had been sinning against God. Until that point they had been living in innocence with no “thou shalt nots” to convict them and no self-awareness to do so either. Once mankind is able to “know good and evil” for himself he discovers that he is evil! He is condemned even before the law of Moses.

  6. Physical inheritance from Adam is not how Original Sin spread. Rather death spread “because all sinned” (Rom 5:12) and after they knew it there was separation from God (death). Nevertheless GA is likely true as a physical event- by now Adam is somewhere in everyone’s family true. Note: the timeline of this model permits this but the YE timeline does not once you factor in the flood reducing Adam’s line to three males much more recently.

  7. The animals formed in chapter two were only a small subset of those formed in chapter one, mostly versions of animals important to a farming life-style.

  8. The descendants of Adam who were meant to help reconcile the earth to God instead hasten its ruin, so the LORD determines to use the earth to ruin them. The flood was not targeted at all the animals and people in from chapter 1, but the more limited set in chapter 2.

  9. Since wiping out the line of Messiah would mean that the earth would ultimately perish and go to ruin, never to be reconciled to God, this was a local flood with global consequences, and the language of God reflects that. Though I don’t see the necessity for GA to spread sin nature, the date for the flood is still sufficiently remote in this model (but not in the Ussher timeline) so that the family tree of Adam still has time to spread to every people group.

  10. Early Genesis is a result of a modified version of the tablet theory, and some of the description of the flood is from the perspective of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. It is not God speaking.

  11. The text indicates that other human groups did not perish in the flood. There were already other people there when some of the clans of Noah came out of the hills and “found a plain in the land of Shinar”.

I think we need to start calling this the @Revealed_Cosmology model.

That’s less objectionable to me than putting my actual name on it. Functionally, it is Christ-centered though.

However, it is not THE (as in only or first) Christ-centered model. Please change the OP. You can say things like,

the @Revealed_Cosmology model I’m putting forward is Christ-centered, by which I mean…

I am honestly not aware of any other model that starts with the assumption that you have to look at the material through the lens of Christ, as if its all pointing to Christ, to make sense of early Genesis. Nevertheless I believe you are sincerely trying to help me when I suggest that I rename my model. In the same way, I am sincerely trying to help you when I suggest, regarding “Genealogical Adam”, that you quit using the phrase “sole ancestor” or “sole genealogical ancestor or progenitor” of humanity to describe Adam when what you are really describing is a situation in which he is A universal ancestor or progenitor.

How about we let each of us help the other, and we each try doing what the other suggests? I will start labeling my model as you suggest and you start labeling Adam’s ancestry as I suggest? Deal?

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