Why the Bible Teaches a Framework for Genesis which is Consistent with GA

Apparently I could have made things a little easier on myself if I had started here by posting the video below. It says “the Bible Does not Teach that Adam is the Sole Father of the Human Race”. It is speaking genetically, not in terms of “falleness” or a spiritual version of “dark energy” or whatever one might call the trait which Joshua means when he speaks of Adam as the “sole progenitor.” In fact, the framework laid out in the video below has been called “the heart of Genealogical Adam” (GA) by another member of this forum…

I thought so as well. When I came here I thought that this material was supplying the scriptural/theological framework which could support GA.

And I don’t just mean the Genealogical Adam view of Adam. The GA model requires the flood to have been one which did not wipe out all of mankind either. This is because Joshua’s work in science says that the human race was not recently bottlenecked down to a single Y-chromosome as the traditional view, or even the RTB view, of the flood of Noah requires. This is accounted for in the Christ-centered framework for this event.


So that it turns out there is a good scriptural case that the Bible does not teach a flood which destroyed all of humanity, only the male descendants of those who were from inside the Garden…

But of course when you consider this, timing becomes an issue. @swamidass has shown that it is reasonable to assume Adam is somewhere in the family tree of every living person today if he lived 6,000 years ago or more. But this is neglecting what otherwise seems to be the case about the flood- if it wasn’t worldwide but was restricted to Adam’s line then this would be a setback on Adam working his way into the family line of humanity.

Fortunately even the way of looking at the dates in the Christ-centered model lines up very well for GA, and for certain historical events. The flood was about 6,500 years ago looking at the genealogies this way- enough for Noah’s son’s to spread Adam’s line to every family tree…


In summary, I wrote this book and made these videos before I ever heard of GA, and its not quite GA, but the framework it draws from scriptures is stunningly consistent with the Genealogical Adam.