Thinking Theism: Podcasts from Behe and Swamidass

@zacharylawson invited Behe and myself on to his podcast pre-debate/discussion. My contribution accidentally became a three-part contribution (oops!), covering the Resurrection, ID and the GAE:

Don’t miss this one too: Thinking Theism: The Genealogical Adam and Eve

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Why is Lassie in the picture?

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That is Reveille, a central figure in the incredibly bizarre Aggie cult. I don’t know of any Aggies here or you might be challenged to a duel!


Ok got it. Reveille | Aggie Traditions


Legally, it is not Reveille on account that the Texas A&M brand guidelines are quite protective of her image. Unofficially, it is Reveille, our Light and Queen :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification and the good humor :slight_smile:

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