Today’s reading: Pinker in Skeptic magazine on rationality and “post-truth”

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mMny complaints about Pinker. It is not a post truth society. Its simply a left wing establishment that is destroying itself .
I know Pinker was attacked as sexist for saying men accomplish more then women, and likely in the future and saying the same about jews relative to non Jews. He is from canada and though he was immune to being attacked. he would join in just like the rest EXCEPT for his favorite opposition conclusions.
The left wing worked hard to take over the schools in America to CONTROL the students conclusions on issues. they were so successful they expanded the empire and started eating thier own. They also, being in control, ended free speech successfully.
The American people forgot they were free and so had free speech and so allowed , in places obscure to most, free speech and fair trial to be revoked.
Why should inker be accepted as a freedom fighter??
He should not. The gestapo simply started hitting thier own with like injustice.
Yes accusation is indictment in these places. this because they presume to govern men without the ancient wisdom of how men should be governed which America had most wisdom.
If kids boycott classes then expel them from the schools. They are breaking contract.
Its all those peoples who have been running the schools since WWii that are to blame. they are not republicans at all.
Reagan dealt with this successfully in california as governor. Read them the riot act.
All schools belong to america and must obey american laws. No interference with free speech or free scholarship or legal slander. The schools are not tools to control and persuade for any movement.
Why does this Coyne dude protest this but then, I understand, supports all censorship of creationism(s) and non hiring of same?? Shows the kids just carry the equation further!
i welcome from Pinker/coyne the conversation but its like watching a ancient problem stupidly becoming a modern one.