Victim of a workplace Bible pest is awarded a large payout

@greg and others: what do you think of this?

Beale led prayer services at work and urged employees to attend church? If this lady is really doing how the article portrayed, if i were her boss, id ask her to tamper it down and do the work she was hired to do while at work. Then have prayer services at church or at home. I would have no problem w her sharing her faith w friends at work over lunch as they permitted this.
But she sounds to me a bit pushy and lacking tact and wisdom. Apparently beale also believed that salvation comes when one “gives their lives to the work of God.” Not sure,what exactly she is trying to communicate, but sounds a bit legalistic. (That would explain a lot bc legalists can be very annoying) To be saved, we by faith repent of sin and ask God and His work of grace and forgiveness in Christ make its effects on our lives where we become Gods workmanship.