Watch This Ex-Evangelical Explain Why She Finally Gave Up Her Belief in God

LOL - You don’t see the problem here. I give you a young woman in her 20’s talking about sex and you give me back a old white guy scientist in 70’s talking about philosophy. That just sums it up as to why millennials are leaving Christianity in the millions. Christianity needs much better marketing. It is no longer seen as worthy of giving ones life to.

Gerald Schroeder is a pioneer in physics and has enjoyed a life-long career in science. Ignorance doesn’t become you.

Sure he was an excellent physicist but a lousy marketer of Christianity. (btw, I wrote simulation programs solving the non-linear Schroeder equation along an optical fiber). I don’t see him filling the rapidly emptying pews.

Schroeder is not concerned with filling Christian pews, nor I am. Schroeder is not a messianic Jew, but he loves the Torah.

Big deal.

Patrick, why are you so obssessed with the non-existence of God? Shakespeare’s “Methinks he protests too much” comes to mind. Why spend so much time with us ignorant hicks?

Because I am an anti-theist and think that such beliefs are harmful to human beings and society.

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And you’ve been harmed here, then?

No not me, you are the harmed one. I am here to save you from this harm via science and reason.

Ahhh. But what if we’re here to save you from your own myopia? Or, projection? Or, what if we’re here because we enjoy exploring mysteries, and how a little investigation often answers them?

Good maybe we can save each other while learning about real science.

Good goal.

Save from what?
According to your view, none of it matters in the long run anyway.

Good night all, talk to you tomorrow.

Have you noticed how popular the “deconversion testimony” has become as an apologetic genre? Presumably it began as a reaction to the Christian testimony, but is subtly different.

For a start, atheism is supposed not to be a “thing”, but an absence of something, so it’s rather more surprising that someone losing their faith should want to announce to the world that they’ve discovered non-belief.

Secondly, there’s nearly always a character assassination of the Christians one associated with before - they were fundamentalists, creationists, hypocrites, bigots, etc (in contrast to the enlightened and gentle folks they found at - oh, let’s say - the Skeptical Zone or Panda’s Thumb). Compare your average Christian Testimony - his life was wasted and sinful, maybe, or she was wrapped up in a materialist view of the world. But I seldom see someone say, “I used to be a drunk, but now I see that all my fellow drunks were evil bastards going to hell,” or “all those metaphysical materialists were hypocrites.”

And I suspect that’s because a genuine testimony is of the life-changing discovery of Jesus, whereas the deconversion testimnony is, in one way or another, more often to do with revenge.


Saving you from not enjoying your life to its fullest. It certainly does matter. This is the only life we get to live. Don’t waste it on silly beliefs and superstitions.

I am enjoying my life to the fullest. And I believe in an after life.
Why should it matter to you really… your sense of yourself is an illusion brought about by evolutionary processes. Its ultimately meaningless nonsense. So your caring about your happiness is trivial and ultimately meaningless.

Great, I am glad your happy with your life and how your living it. Me too. I guess neither of us needs to be saved by the other. But don’t say my life is meaningless, nor my happiness is trival, that is very unkind. I don’t want to have to flag you for being unkind to me. :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it as I really don’t care what you think of my life and my happiness.