Welcoming Some New People

Welcome to the forum @BruceS, @Jeremy_Christian, @alwallace and @vincitygialam.

Can you tell us about yourselves? What brings you here? Do you have expertise in any of the fields we discuss? What are you hoping to get out Peaceful Science?

Hello and thank you for the welcome. I’m Jeremy. I published an article back in January of 2012 … https://owlcation.com/humanities/What-Do-Those-First-Few-Chapters-of-Genesis-Really-Say

In the years since I’ve been running it up every flagpole I can find, banging my head against many walls, trying to get it peer reviewed or challenged in some way. I tried in every way I know how to disprove it because I thought I was out of my mind. I couldn’t find a single sole that saw what seemed so apparent to me.

A regular here (from what I can tell) on Peaceful Science, Mark Moore, referred me. This is the first time in nearly 7 years where I’ve found a place populated by so many willing to go this route and consider these possibilities, and people who seem to understand the weight of it all.


I am a retired IT project manager whose formal training was a Masters in Statistics with an undergrad degree in IT, But I only used the statistics expertise in a professional setting for a few years doing “Management Sciences”. I suspect only its practitioners believe the “Sciences” part of that term.

I switched to IT early in my career for the much greater opportunities there. The money for IT was not much different in those days. If only I had gotten my statistics and IT degrees in this age of big bucks for deep learning/AI expertise. I’d have a much higher salary upside. Plus of course I would be much younger.

Since my retirement, I have done a lot of reading in philosophy of mind and science and so have enjoyed the exchanges on these topics here. I hope to contribute to these. The exchanges on information and biology also fascinate me and I also hope I can make useful contributions there, if only to help clarify ideas for learning lurkers like me.

I currently do not practice any religion.


I also see I should have left the full name field blank…

Does fanaticism qualify?

No. But you can still help us. That article was interesting, and it is great you got it published. Maybe help us get the word out about the Genealogical Adam and the Peaceful Science forum? That is a skill you can really help us with, by writing some articles to submit in places like that.

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Me neither.

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Why then do you care about Genesis? Or are you being a cute in a distinction between organized religion and spirituality? Or is something else going on?

I grew up Baptist, and I am a Christian, but I don’t subscribe to any specific denomination. So I guess it’s a bit inaccurate to say “religion” as Christianity is a religion.

But I focus on Genesis because of it’s significance in human history. Specifically the first 11 chapters as this is the oldest of all the books. Stories prominent in the cradle of civilization and that still have a lasting influence on human culture to this day.

I find it incredibly hard to just dismiss these texts as so many others do.


I’m a retired biologist and a Christian.

I’m not sure what I’ll get, but I have found Eddie to be highly amusing.


Do tell. What is amusing about him? Would you like to be his designated interlocure? :smile: What type of biologist? And is your handle a reference to Alfred Russel Wallace?

Hello new people! Well, old people but new to this board.


No, as I said, I’m retired. That would be more than a full-time job! :sunglasses:

Too many kinds of biology, but not evolutionary specifically; I just know how important evolution is as a framework for understanding biology. I would have been more successful had I not jumped around so much.


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Sorry for not answering that.

Eddie comes across as the ID version of Monty Python’s Black Knight.