Which Scenarios of Adam Will be Helpful?

Humans with souls breeding with humans without souls amounts to some kind of bestiality. It’s theological nonsense, imo; not to mention, creepy.

And what happened to all those soul-less humans who lived outside the Garden? The story goes they were around for hundreds of thousands of years, but they seem to have disappeared.

I am Catholic and it disturbs me that my Church allows an evolution-friendly interpretation of Genesis 2:7 that makes it possible for Adam to be the offspring of a pre-existing creature. More theological nonsense. This verse can only be interpreted one way, imo - Adam was created directly and instantly from inanimatle matter. (I’m a progressive creationist, btw)


We found a solution to these objections here: A Catholic Approach to the Genealogical Adam.

Neither Genesis 1, 2, 5 nor Gen 9 implies that there arr any humans without souls!

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In that case, what was special about Adam? He was placed in a Garden away from the “other” humans.

Great question @Edgar. Depends on the precise model one is proposing. It certainly isn’t biology, but it could be a difference in status or responsibility to God, or perhaps a difference in spiritual abilities.

Thanks, but that doesn’t sound very scriptural. My Progressive Creation model doesn’t require the torturing of Scripture.

You have not even heard the Scriptural justification. Do not reject what you do not understand. At the very least, understand that what you reject.

What is the Scriptural justification?

Working on the book now. You can get caught up somewhat here:

@Edgar, you might also appreciate: A Tentative Look at Nephilim


Your model requires overturn vast sections of Physics, Geology and Archaeology. Joshua’s G.A. does not.

@Edgar writes: “In that case, what was special about Adam?
He was placed in a Garden away from the “other” humans.”


Is there a reason you don’t seem to understand anything anyone writes to you?

Why do you think God placed Adam and Eve in Eden? Why do you think

Adam and Eve are special? Aren’t you the “really aligned” Christian who has

all the answers? It just seems you aren’t even trying to understand

“Genealogical Adam”. Maybe you can ask someone else to beat their heads

against the wall for a while. You and I are not getting anywhere.

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