Why an Atheist on the Forums?

Actually, I was implicitly making the point that this blog is less about science than about theology … which is why I have questioned @Patrick, from the very beginning, why he spends any time here - - if he rejects all things theological, and doesn’t even support the idea of trying to move YECs from Creationism that is intolerant of Evolution to Creationism that is tolerant of Evolution ???

We have a lot of shared values. @Patrick cares about human origins, just like all of us. He also cares about welcoming as much of society as possible into the wonder of our past, especially with the new discoveries streaming in from ancient DNA. I think he also enjoys our company, and I enjoy his. I’m glad he is here.

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That puts you one notch closer to sainthood…

Every time he maligns the Christian faith, I wish he wasn’t…

My primary interest in being here is really to have more people be more accepting of science in general. We live in a scientific age, with science helping us to live longer, safe, enjoyable lives. Yet science is so untrusted in society. By discussing the new findings of science and by discussing what you belief in scientifically we can improve things. When I see Ken Ham teaching children, I cringe. Not about telling kids Biblical stories but how anti-science it is. These kids are purposefully being damaged. This is Peaceful science and many of the discussions about genetic and genealogy is real science and I learned quite a lot. Also what this blog provides is historical science (the kind that Ken Ham says is impossible to do). I see how biblical archaeology is now very scientific. And look how the results of ancient DNA in the Middle East was received. Now combine that with scientific archaeology and you got real science happening. And you start getting into the minds of the biblical writers. (again real science).

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So a BIG help would be if you could selectively trash the worldviews of the participants…

In other words… instead of slamming Christianity in general, restrict your slamming to the Christian views contrived to oppose Evolution.

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Shared values @gbrooks9.

That does actually seem to be very close to what he is already doing.

@Patrick is not anti-Bible, but pro-science.

Yes, he is going to honestly state his position that he is an atheist. He might even have some fun trolling us at times. There is obviously enough common ground here from him to stay.

That is the surprising thing. Here at Peaceful Science we have people from across the spectrum.

We are all drawn to the grand questions of Human Origins. Where did we come from? Who are we? What does it mean to be human? It is only humans that wonder about our origins. Chimpanzees do not wonder about these things.



Due to finger-dexterity limitations, my replies are brief:

Sad but true, Patrick.

Me too.

Indeed. I hope to see many more YECs. (That is my heritage.) And everyone else. This forum has great topic threads—and interesting academic diversity, both theological and scientific.

I’m still reading on this forum even though I post less than in the past.

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I’ve honestly read very few posts recently, but it is my impression that @Patrick has come a VERY long ways from his original participation in the forum - when @swamidass had to “put him in time out” :slight_smile:

@Patrick is unapologetically atheist, and will clearly have differences of opinion from time to time. Having said that, I wish general society (including our brothers and sister in Christ) was as willing to civilly discuss issues with those of opposing virwpoints.